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    In 1992, Song Shide and other 19 farmers from Xishuimo Village and Daozhuang Village of Guangrao County raised RMB 300,000 with voluntary investment in establishing the first rubber processing plant with joint-stock system in Xishuimo Village.       In 1995, it invested RMB 600,000 in introducing agricultural vehicle and truck tire production lines.       In March 2002, it invested RMB 820 million in introducing the project with annual production capacity of 1.2 million all steel radial truck tires. On April 14th, 2002, the office building of the radial tire project laid the foundation stone; On August 14th, 2002, the main workshop began construction; On November 6th, 2002, Shandong Shengtai Rubber Group was established formally.
  In October 2006, Shandong Zhushenghua Rubber Co., Ltd. was established by the group with an investment of RMB 1.3 billion. The main products including steel tubeless tire are all exported.
  In February 2007, its main brand “THREE-A” was identified as China Famous Trademark.   In November 2007, Shandong Shengtai Rubber Group changed into Shengtai Group and became a national level enterprise.   In June 2008, Shengtai Group was awarded “China Rubber Tire Export Enterprise”.