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Environmental protection industry

Environmental protection industry

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  Founded in November, 2011, GuangraoHaopu Environmental Conservation New Materials Co., a new company dominated by research, development and production of medical accessories and automotive parts that aggregates international trade and municipal administration property. It is located in the hinterland of ‘yellow-blue’ efficient ecological economic zone in Yellow River Delta and lies in Chenguanxiang Village, northern corner of Top 100 Countries in China. it abuts Dongying-Qingdao Expressway to the east, borders on Hexin Road to the west and is adjacent to 319 Provincial Road to the north. It is superior in both location and surrounding environment and is convenient in traffic. 
  By introducing advanced technologies developed by Tsinghua University and Xiamen University, it has determined a new project on medical accessory of PVP, with an annual output of 14,000 tons. The project covers a land area of 242 mu, draws a total input of 520 million Yuan and its overall construction cycle is 3 years. Investment for the first term is 360 million Yuan that annually produces 7000 mu of PVP. It accomplished commissioning in 2012 and yielded an annual output over 1 billion Yuan and a tax of 150 million Yuan. it is the largest-scaled PVP production, sales and export company in the province. Its building facilities mainly cover a-P production workshop, PVP production workshops, area of raw materials, warehouse of finished goods, warehouse of raw materials, synthesis building for concentrated control room, synthetic tower for scientific research, dining tower for employees, dormitory tower for employees, sewage disposal station, refrigeration station and fire control system. 
  PVP is by far one of the best artificial synthetic composites featuring compatibility, low toxicity and stable physiology for both man and animals. PVP is widely used as disintegration agent, adhesive, coating, filler, stabilizer and releasing agent of medical accessories. PVP can bond with iodine into new sterilizing PVP-Iodine that has sound solvency, rubber protection capacity and can be bonded to multiple organic composites and have stability on ammonium. It is also extensively applied in food processing, daily cosmetics processing, textile industry and so forth and has good economic efficiency and broad development prospects. 
  PVP medical new accessory project conforms to development and production of new accessories, 1st term for medication, No.13 item, first category on encouragement category. Its product technique and products comply with requirements regulated in Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 edition and American Pharmacopoeia No. 33 edition.